Aubree Brown: Professional Dancer with Ailey II. Dance Instructor. Model. Looking Back on My Unsung Blog Features from 2014.

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

I was able to cover a story on my lady and best friend back in mid-November. At the time, the stunning Ms. Brown was just returning home to New York City after a month long tour with Ailey II. During the tour, she had the opportunity to grace the stage with her fellow Ailey II dancers in places like Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Jamaica and a slew of other great places.

In Aubree’s brief bio on her social media account, she typed in that 2014 was going to be her year and that it was. Aubree traveled the world doing what she loves, met some influential people, connected with new professional dancers, and she touched even more lives with the stories that she tells when performing under the bright lights in her leotard with her eye-catching fashionable natural look.

Before the countdown to the New Year, I asked Aubree what she was hoping to accomplish in 2015. Her response included goals for her dance career of course, new doors that her dance career will open and something huge that she says she can feel is in her path for the near future.

I’ll withhold the details for your sake. Instead of spoiling the surprise, I’ll let Aubree’s success and inspirational journey speak for itself in 2015.

What’s next for the Ailey II dancer you might ask? She’ll be leaving the country on Monday to travel once again performing throughout Germany and France. When she returns to the states in February, she’ll be hitting different stages throughout New York and preparing for Ailey II’s New York season that will take place at the Joyce Theater in March.

Aubree is a special breed as both an extremely talented dancer and a kind-hearted human being. I believe it’s that combination that is going to continue to propel her to new heights not only in 2015, but for years to come. | ΚΜΝ



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