Intern Media Week: Day 1 – “The Session” with Logan Nelson

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

“She is proud to be a beautiful black woman, and she exudes this attitude in everything that she does.” ~ Nicole Dei, friend of Logan Nelson’s (Excerpt from Maya Pottiger’s article on Nelson)

Some of us go through life confined by our circumstances, allowing them to keep us from our full potential. I saw something interesting on my Instagram news feed just the other day. It was a photograph of an elephant tied to a chair, but it was the caption that went along with the image that really grabbed me; “Sometimes the thing that is holding you back is all in your head.”

Is there anything currently holding you back?

I know that I’ve allowed certain circumstances to hold me back in the past by placing those circumstances on a pedestal, making them bigger than what they really were. The problem was only magnified from a mental standpoint. We’ve all been there, simply allowing our circumstances to keep us trapped. Well, It wasn’t until I went to God and made the conscious decision to face my obstacles dead on, before I was able to break through those constraints, and as a result, here I am writing this article today.

Everybody’s different though. My way of breaking through my reservations might differ from yours, but whatever formula works for you, put it to use because the last thing you want to do is wake up years from now and realize that just like the elephant in the picture, you too were allowing the most minute things control your future and your purpose in this life.

The young lady I’m featuring in this article is the perfect example of someone that has refused to allow her circumstances to keep her from striving for greatness and whether she knows it or not, she’s inspired and motivated me to keep things going with my endeavors.

The young lady I’m referring to is none other than my beautiful little sister, Logan Nelson, who is currently getting the absolute most out of her college experience at one of the most prestigious and popular universities in the country; the University of Maryland, College Park.


Ms. Nelson has truly blossomed over the years. I can think back to when she was going through a phase in her life where she was in somewhat of a shell of herself. Those days are long gone though. Today, anyone who knows Nelson well, would not be able to even picture her in such a phase.

Why do I say this?

It’s because she is literally taking her campus by storm right now, and pretty soon I believe she’ll be in a position to leave an imprint on the world at large. Whether’s it’s been a Delta-related event, writing as a young female journalist on her campus, dancing or stepping with her line sisters and friends on campus, no matter what it is, she’s doing it all and enjoying every moment of the journey.

That’s quite special and also rare to see from a young college student, who often feels like the pressure of the world is on their shoulders. Just last year, Nelson felt that there were certain opportunities passing her by or for lack of better terms, just simply not knocking on her door, but look at her now.


Nelson is a senior at UMD and was recently nominated by Essence Magazine as a contestant of the ESSENCE College Ambassador Search because she strives to “help change the culture on UMD’s campus.” This would be an opportunity of a lifetime for Nelson to be that voice that she so anxiously wants to be — a voice for young African American females on her campus, shining a light on what she calls that “black girl magic” that is represented by so many of her peers walking Maryland’s campus today.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the young Baltimore native. Ms. Nelson has just been featured in a great article written by Maya Pottiger, a junior journalism major at UMD writing for The Writer’s Bloc, a publication serving “the artistically- and literally-minded students of College Park” and also covering some of the great things happening in the D.C. area.

It’s Nelson’s work ethic and the impact that she’s had on her campus that’s led to these great doors flying right open for her. And now her own brother gets to spill the beans in a simple yet powerful way; through the art of writing.

Speaking of writing, that’s also something that the young Nelson has developed not only as a skill, but as a love and a passion, one that she’s been able to express through her contributions to Stories Beneath the Shell and Her Campus Media. As Pottiger mentioned in her article, Nelson has been able to focus on three specific things she’s passionate about as a contributing writer for Her Campus Media; beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

These are all things that Nelson exemplifies as a beautiful young back educated woman. The beauty aspect is seen in more than just her outer appearance, but also from within, which is shown in how her family and friends view her, as a beautiful being on both the inside and outside. As for the lifestyle aspect, Ms. Nelson believes in surrounding herself with people that are “about their business” and who are positive beings, as seen through her life.

Last but not least, we can’t forget about the fashion aspect. That has Nelson’s name written all over it. Nelson is all about staying up on her fashion, whether that’s rocking her natural hair out, wearing a stunning black youthful dress with all the red accessories to go along with it as a representation of her beloved sorority, or simply by rocking a pair of Nikes and her workout gear around campus.

Regardless of the case, Ms. Nelson knows how to make each look her very own.

It’s my honor to feature her as my first surprise choice for my Intern Media Week and I know that for those reading this, you’ll leave from it just as inspired as I am by her graceful and edifying young life. | ΚΜΝ




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