Intern Media ’15: A Look Back

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

It’s hard to believe now that I “look back,” but the beginning of 2015 was the start of something special, not only for Intern Media, but for those that were touched by the creativity and heartfelt messages displayed by my work.

This time last year, I didn’t know I’d be this far along in terms of walking in my purpose and in the vision that I feel God has placed on my life (with Intern Media being a big part of that).


You see, I believe in doing what makes you happy and finding a way to make sure that what you’re doing is impacting someone for the better. In all honesty, I’ve had my selfish moments in building my platform.

I mean, who in this world doesn’t enjoy recognition, fame, wealth, and personal gain?

I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that we didn’t desire these things. However, I can’t thank God enough for moving me out of my own way and helping me realize that my life and this platform that I’ve created is more about the lives it touches than about my own personal gain as a result of its labor.

That realization has led me to a city (New York) filled with high, mid and low tier media outlets. That significant change in my mindset has brought me to a city where there are truly individuals from all walks of life.

And how ironic, given the fact that my platform is focused on sharing the stories of people from all walks of life.


So, today, as I step into 2016 with my head held high and a smirk on my face knowing what I’m about to do this year, I thank all of you for your support and for growing with me in 2015.

You all are a big part of the reason why Intern Media is now more than just a portfolio, having become my purpose in life, a future career path and a way for me to change the game as a young journalist who picked up everything and boldly moved to one of the greatest cities in America, the Big Apple.

For Intern Media, 2015 was full of great memories, some that evoked inspiration and some that reminded us of why loving one another is so very important as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Family and friends, I confess to you that I’m now in the midst of the most exciting and most frightening point in my 25-year-old life as I embark on a new journey of independence, professionalism and purpose.


I ask you for your prayers, thoughts and continuous support of me and my craft as I take on a new year full of endless opportunity and a heart of expectancy.

In the pages to follow, take a brief walk with me as I reveal my memories of the individuals and the processes of some of the inspirational stories I covered in 2015.

The list includes the likes of:

  • The ladies of Fatally Fem
  • The precious life of Diana Marbley
  • Hip-hop trio Ground Up
  • Paul Easton and Aaron Walsh of Drills and Skills Basketball
  • Andrew Somuah of The Players Tribune
  • Harlem Globetrotter Jonte “Too Tall” Hall
  • Essence College Ambassador Logan Nelson
  • Rapper L. Green
  • Cancer fighter Warren Brown
  • Rapper and Producer Kenton Dunson
  • International DJ Marshall Thomas.

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