Dabriel Fulton: A True Mogul in the Entertainment World

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

Sometimes life has its way of putting a limit or a cap on what we’re able to achieve and who we’re able to inspire, which is why some people never quite reach their full potential.

That being said, the best thing for us to do as individuals is to challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones in whatever it is that we do.

For some of us, that means creating a lane of our own, something I’ve harped on in many of my past write ups, whether it was pertaining to myself or my features.

Well, when I think about the power in taking an entrepreneurial approach to life, I think about Dabriel Fulton, the Founder of The Mic Is Open.

The Mic Is Open is a unique platform that, as Dabriel puts it, “gives anyone with a voice a platform to be heard.”

Whether you’re a comic, poet, singer, rapper, or any other form of an artist with a voice, The Mic Is Open is the outlet for you, as it exposes you to a broad and diverse audience.  That audience is made up of fans of entertainment as well as people of influence in the entertainment industry.


When Dabriel put this platform in place, she herself was an artist just like those that she is supporting today.  At the time, she was performing poetry at open mic nights and while it was an outlet for her, she also saw its limitations.

That’s when The Mic Is Open was born, so to speak.  Dabriel related to the “up-and-coming artist” and she wanted to provide a platform for as many of them as she could.


Some people pursue things like this for their own personal gain, but not Dabriel.  In fact, as she explained to me in a recent interview, she could care less if she gets rich from this endeavor or not.

To her, the mark of true success is in the lives that she’s able to touch and in the exposure that she’s able to provide artists with, as a result of her platform.

There are not many entrepreneurs or professionals, in general, that could choose to take on this mindset, but Dabriel is extremely serious when it comes to putting the artist first.

I admire this attitude and I believe that it’s a product of Dabriel being around top moguls in the entertainment industry like Dame Dash and others.  Dabriel has had to work extremely hard and smart throughout her career and that’s why she’s where she is today.


Dabriel understands the journey and she’s fine with taking the bumps and bruises that come along with it because she believes in learning from situations.

Dabriel has worked to eliminate any loop holes in her skill set, and when you’re there with her in person, you know that she deserves to be here; a mogul in her own right.

I’ve been watching Dabriel’s success rather closely for the past several months.  That’s something that I regularly do when searching for my next big story.


Well, I admire the fact that Dabriel has built into my movement by taking this interview and giving me an exclusive look into her career as well as who she is personally.

Dabriel is proud to be a Baltimore native and feels extremely blessed to have experienced so much in such a short period of time.  Coming from a city like ours, we’re often accustomed to seeing people held back by their circumstances, so she’s happy to be an inspiration to those back at home.

Dabriel hasn’t come this far to stop now though.  After a very successful New York showcase of The Mic Is Open back in March, she is now preparing for an even greater showcase this summer.

As you can see, Dabriel is putting her foot on the gas in 2016, and the sky is only the limit for what she’s capable of doing next. | ΚΜΝ



Thank you for sharing your story with my audience and for introducing my platform, Intern Media, to your audience.  I know that you’re a private person and that you sometimes make your power moves in silence, so I appreciate you stepping outside of the norm for this story.

I hope to work with you again very soon and I can’t voice enough just how proud I am of not only your success, but your hard work and for your generosity with today’s artists.

Continue to impact lives with your platform and keep giving God the glory for your success as you’ve already been doing.  God bless you and welcome to the Intern Media family.



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