Gloria Mayfield Banks Built a Multimillion-dollar Platform, Didn’t Allow Dyslexia and Domestic Violence be “The End” to Her Story


“…people stay in the ‘want to’ lane for a long time. They don’t necessarily get to the ‘got to’ lane.”

Q. Let’s transition to your book Quantum Leaps. What was the vision behind it and where can people purchase the book?

A. Quantum Leaps came about because I broke a lot of company records and I like to break company records. In fact, I strategically know how to break company records. So, I wrote the book for anybody who wants to have fast growth. It’s not something that’s necessarily sustainable. I don’t operate at that high level consistently, but I know how to take myself there and complete it because people stay in the “want to” lane for a long time. They don’t necessarily get to the “got to” lane. So, I talk about that in the book. They certainly can go to to get the book. I would love to connect with them. I would love to stay connected to them.

The 10 phases you go through with your quantum leap:

These are the 10 things that I think are most critical when you want to have a quantum leap.

1. The power of making a decision. If it’s one thing I learned at Harvard Business School, it was the power of making a decision.

2. Confidence.

3. Vision, imagination and belief. You can’t take yourself to where you can’t see yourself.

4. Time management, emotional management, money management and skill management.

5. You have to have strong goal-setting skills. I could teach for half a day or a whole day about how to be a strong goal-setter. Not a good dreamer, but a strong goal-setter.

6. Image is a big piece of it and image is not just the way that you look, but the way people perceive you.

7. Passion is very powerful because passion is the one thing that can guarantee you to push past your fears. Everybody has fears, but when you’re really passionate about something, you could care less about your fears.

8. Discipline and hustle is important. You have to be educated enough in the skill, but not so educated that you don’t hustle to increase your discipline. Discipline is not nearly as important as your desire. If the desire is strong, the discipline will show up.

9. People skills and leadership skills are critical because you’re going to be dealing with people. It’s like cooking. It’s one thing to cook well, and it’s another thing to be a magnificent cook. If you don’t practice, you can’t be magnificent. Some people say “I’m not like that when it comes to people skills,” which could be true. You might not be like that, but you can learn skills that can make you better.

10. Short term sacrifice. Like you said at the beginning of the interview, “success is not convenient.”


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