Gloria Mayfield Banks Built a Multimillion-dollar Platform, Didn’t Allow Dyslexia and Domestic Violence be “The End” to Her Story


“Frustration is misplaced expectation.”

Q. You said there’s a difference between having talent and having the work ethic to go along with it. That’s very important. That’s something my grandfather has instilled in me. He always tells me that it’s one thing to have talent in something, but when you can actually go and learn that craft, then that will take things to a whole different level.

Let’s transition. In your opinion, why do you think certain people never reach their full potential?

A. Well, Karl, I think it’s a lot of different reasons why people don’t reach their full potential.

1. I think they don’t believe that they can. And some of the reason that they don’t believe that they can is because of who they’ve allowed to be their circle of influence. I hear this often from people about so and so dimmed my light and so and so told me I couldn’t do it. Well, they talk to that person on Monday and then they talk to them again on Tuesday. They talk to them again on Wednesday. Why are you talking to those people?

2. They take advice from people who they’re not willing to exchange places with. People ask you, “What are you going to do?” What difference does it make if you haven’t done it? Why are you telling me what I should do if you haven’t done it yourself?

3. Frustration is misplaced expectation. People keep thinking that if I do this and if I do that, it’s going to get me over there. They keep doing this and they keep doing that, but they never get over there. So, they get stuck in a rut and they run further in the same activity that didn’t get them over there in the first place. It’s about doing the other piece.

I’m sure that’s not all the reasons, but those are some of the reasons. I don’t think it’s goal-setting. I don’t think it’s hustle and discipline. I think they just don’t believe that they can and that others who told them that they can’t, they start believing them.

People have to understand that no one is going to take you where you’re supposed to go.


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