Gloria Mayfield Banks Built a Multimillion-dollar Platform, Didn’t Allow Dyslexia and Domestic Violence be “The End” to Her Story


28 years in Mary Kay

Q. I feel that the best way to end this interview is by talking about Mary Kay. You’ve had a very illustrious career in Mary Kay. Throughout your career, you’ve broken seven national records. When you started Mary Kay, what were your original expectations?

A. My original expectation was to make an extra $200 a week to pay for my kids in day care. That’s why I came into Mary Kay. I wasn’t thinking about entrepreneurship. I wasn’t thinking about this business. I wasn’t thinking about the women I’d be hanging around. Nope nope nope. I just wanted to make the extra money.

Q. So, when did that transition take place?

A. It was gradual. I started selling and because I didn’t wear makeup, I was taken back by how many people bought makeup. And then when I found out how many people bought makeup, I was surprised to see how many people wanted to buy makeup. People buy makeup because they want to. So, that was a really big part.

And then when I started making amazing money because people liked the product, then I started recruiting people because of the opportunities. A little bit at a time, it just kept getting better and better. | ΚΜΝ



Thank you so much for sharing your story with my Intern Media family. You dropped a lot of gems in what has been one of my most memorable interviews thus far. You’ve been an inspiration to so many people for so many years now, and I’d like to take the time to just say thank you and that you’re greatly appreciated. I will think of some of the great things you shared in our interview as I continue my journey to success, and I’m confident that my audience will greatly benefit from your perspectives and extraordinary experiences. Continue to be an inspiration to us all and I wish you many more blessings! Welcome to the Intern Media family!




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