#InternMediaTalks: Donald Glover’s (Childish Gambino) “This Is America” Video has Garnered 94 Million Views on YouTube

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

There have been countless pieces written about Gambino’s chilling “This Is America” video. The wide range of interpretations is evidence of just how different people’s life experiences have been. For me, Gambino’s video is a great representation of where we are today. One can’t turn on the TV or radio, search the Internet, scroll down their social media news feed, watch a music video, or even watch a sporting event without being reminded of how chaotic our society is.

Whether it’s police brutality, crime among civilians, mass shootings, racism, or white supremacy, it’s nearly impossible to escape these realities given what we’re exposed to on a daily basis. What I love about Gambino’s new song/video is that it doesn’t give the viewer an opportunity to mentally or visually escape from America’s sad reality. The video also reminds us that what we’re seeing today is nothing new, further proving that America has NEVER been “great.” | KMN 



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