An Intern Media Short Story: Professional Basketball Player Jonte “Not So Small” Hall

by Karl Nelson II, Intern Media

Intern Media’s first produced Short Story features 10-year Professional Basketball Player, Jonte “Not So Small” Hall. Jonte was born and raised in the McCulloh Homes Projects in Baltimore City. He comes from humble beginnings, but thanks to the love and support from his lovely mother, father, older brother, and close friends, Jonte was able to defy all odds and statistics in his late 20’s.

Just when his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player seemed to be slipping away, God blessed Jonte with an opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world doing what he loves most — playing basketball and putting smiles on the faces of millions of fans.

This Intern Media Short Story takes you through Jonte’s upbringing, breakthrough, and now his brand, NOT SO SMALL, which he launched in December of 2017 in order to share his story and inspire people around the world that they’re not too small in stature or circumstance to live out their dreams. | KMN



I remember what life was like for you before God blessed you with such a great opportunity in your late 20’s. What I admire about you is the fact that today — in 2019 — I can honestly say that you are just as humble and gracious now (as a well known pro athlete) as you were when people around the world didn’t know your name. Thank you for choosing my platform to share your story. Love you big bro. 


Karl Nelson II, CEO/Founder of Intern Media 


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